A Deeper Look At History

Empire Builders,

I think the biggest goal I have for anyone who experiences Empire is that they walk away with a different perspective! They look at the world differently then they used to and from that new frame of reference they can make better decisions with their money and portfolio.

This is what makes this community so unique is that you aren’t here to get “calls from the great oracle” because I have built myself up as the hero, I am simply the guide (Yoda) and you are the hero in your own story.

That all being said, its important to constantly question your reality and stay curious as it will stop you from being overly committed to any position or investment and keep you open to whats new and upcoming.

Most people don’t realize this but there are narratives everywhere, many are based around fear and power. They fear whats happening and/or they want to sound smart so they hold power over you. This is one of the primary purposes of the MSM which is all owned by 6 or 7 companies. Their job is to keep you scared, uneasy and uncomfortable while the market steals your money!

This after happening a few times sends you on the search for “experts” to follow, and even when you think you have freed yourself by no longer listening to the MSM, you have essentially turned around and created the same bondage with the experts you follow. Bias is a killer and it will rob you blind while your ego is left holding the bag trying to defend your position and rationale.

Today, I want to give you something outside of the economic space yet its purpose is to open your eyes to the narratives out there so you can think more clearly!

This tweet summarizes the current state of affairs quite well right now, you have the medical experts taking it day-by-day and the “economists” screaming from the rooftops ‘were all gonna die’

Since everyone is already talking about China, I figured I would as well but from of course a different angle.

Our information on China and its history is pretty limited actually, we are basing everything we know off of books most written by Americans for Americans. We are told that they are just now coming into their stride and that back 100 years ago everything was farm land and rural areas, no real technology etc etc right?

This is China in 1935, and outside of one guy walking with what appears to be Asian garments, you would have thought this was Europe or even America (Cars, bustling city, ancient buildings that wow the eyes). This is The Bund in Shanghai by the way and this photo crushes hundreds of narratives we have heard now not just as kids but also as adults from the media and experts throughout the years.

Here is another shot of that corner you can’t quite see.

The narrative often times doesn’t make sense and when everyone is believing it, its time to question it. Lets take this one step further while being careful not to tread into conspiracy territory.

American history and for that matter world history, doesn’t really make sense during the 1800s and early 1900s, in fact there are tons of fires, earthquakes and odd photos of people essentially posing on top of ruble from disasters.

First off here is a list I found which is estimated to represent about 10% of fires and disasters (mostly in the US)…

1755 - Great Fire of Lisbon, w/ Earthquake and Tsunami
1788 - Great Fire of New Orleans
1794 - Great Fire of New Orleans
1796 - Great Savannah Fire, GA
1802 - Portsmouth City Fire
1805 - Great Fire of Detroit
1808 - Great Fire of Trinidad
1810 - Charleston, SC
1811 - Great fire of Podil
1811 - Great Newburyport fire
1813 - Great Portsmouth Fire
1814 - Great fire of Tirschenreuth, Ger
1815 - Great Fire of Petersburg, Virginia
1817 - Great Sag Harbor Fire
1817 – Great Fire of Saint John’s, Newfoundland, CA
1818 - Great Fire of Salzburg, Austria
1819 - Great Schenectady Fire
1820 - Great Savannah Fire, GA
1822 - Great Fire of Canton, China
1824 - Great Fire of Edinburg, GB
1825 - City fire of Saint John, N. B. CA
1826 - Great Fire Kempston, Bedford, Peterborough, Huntington
1827 - Great Fire of Turku, Finland
1827 - Great Fire of Alexandria, VA, D.C.
1828 - Arita, Saga, Japan
1830 - Great Fire of New Orleans
1831 - Great Fire of Raleigh, NC
1831 - Great Fire of Fayetteville, NC
1833 - 1839 – Fires of Charleston, SC – 1833, 1835, 1835, 1835, 1836, 1837, 1837, 1839, 1839, 1839, 1839, 1839, 1839
1834 - Great fire of the UK Parliament
1834 - City Fire of Syracuse
1835 - Great Fire of New York, NY
1836 - US Patent Office Fire
1837 - City fire of Saint John, N. B. CA
1837 - Great Fire of Southampton, UK
1838 - Great Fire in School Street, IN
1838 - Great Fire of Charleston, SC
1839 - Great Fire of Mobil, AL – 4 separate fires 29 september – 9 october from Athens to bankrupt
1840 - Great Fire of Louisville, KY
1842 - Great Fire of Trondheim, Norway (additional fires 1841, 1842 + 3 more)
1842 – Great Fire of Hamburg, DE
1843 – Great Fire of Kingston, JA
1843 – Great Fire of Tallahassee, FL
1843 – Great Fire of Fall River, MA
1844 – Great Fire of Boston, MA
1844 - Great Fire of Gravesend, UK
1845 – Great Fire of Bridgeport,
1845 – Great Fire of New York, NY
1845 - Great Sag Harbor Fire
1845 – Great Fire of Pittsburgh, PA; destroyed over 1000 buildings
1845 – La Playa (de Ponce), the city port of Ponce, Puerto Rico fire, wiped out most of the Ponce vicinity
1846 – Great Fire of Saint John’s, Newfoundland, CA
1846 – Great Fire of Nantucket, MA
1847 – Great Fire of Bucharest, Romania
1848 – Great Fire of Albany, NY
1848 – Fire in Medina, Ohio. Destroyed the entire business district.
1849 – Great Saint Louis Fire, MO
1849 – First Great Fire of Toronto
1850 - First Great Fire in Philadelphia
1850 - Great Fire of Fredericton
1850 - Great Fire of San Francisco
1851 - Great Fire of San Francisco
1852 – Great Fire of Montreal, CA
1853 - Great Fire at Oswego
1854 - The Great fire of Newcastle and Gateshead
1855 - The Great Fire at Bankside , London
1856 - City Fire of Philadelphia
1857 - First Great Fire in Sandhurst
1858 - Great Fire of Christiania
1861 – Great Charleston Fire, SC
1862 – Troy, New York, 671 buildings destroyed
1863 – Great Fire of Denver, CO
1864 – Great Fire of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia: Over four city blocks burned with over 50 houses razed; 0 deaths, 4 injured
1864 – Atlanta, Georgia, burned after time given for evacuation of citizens by order of William Tecumseh Sherman
1865 – City Fire of Richmond, Virginia, burned by retreating Confederates
1865 – Columbia, South Carolina, burned while being occupied by troops commanded by William Tecumseh Sherman
1866 – Great Fire of Portland, Maine
1868 – Auerbach in der Oberpfalz, Bavaria. Arson destroys 107 houses and 146 other buildings; 4 deaths
1870 – Great Fire of Constantinople, Turkey
1870 – Fire in Medina, Ohio, consumed all but two blocks of the business district, nearly wiping out the entire town
1871 – Great Chicago Fire, IL
1871 – Great Peshtigo Fire, Wisconsin
1871 – Great Urbana Fire, OH
1872 – Great Boston Fire of 1872, destroyed 776 buildings and killed at least 20 people.
1873 – Great Fire of Portland, OR
1874 – City Fire of Chicago, destroyed 812 structures and killed 20 people.
1877 – Saint John, New Brunswick Fire destroyed 1600 buildings
1878 – The Great Fire of Hong Kong, destroyed 350 to 400 buildings across more than 10 acres of central Hong Kong.
1879 – Hakodate fire, Hakodate, Hokkaidō, Japan, 67 fatalities, 20,000 homeless
1881 – Thumb Fire in Michigan
1881 – Ringtheater fire in Vienna, Austria
1886 – Great Vancouver Fire, Vancouver, British Columbia
1887 - Cannon Falls Fires, MN
1889 – Great Fire of Spokane, WA
1889 – Great Bakersfield Fire - destroyed 196 buildings and killed 1 person
1889 – Great Fire of Seattle, WA
1889 – The First Great Lynn Fire, Lynn, Massachusetts - destroyed about 100 buildings
1891 – Great Fire of Syracuse
1892 – Great Fire of Saint John’s, Newfoundland, CA
1893 – City Fire of Clarksville, Virginia.
1894 - Great Hinckley Fire
1894 – Great Fire in Shanghai; over 1,000 buildings are destroyed
1896 - Great Fire of Paris, Texas; destroyed much of the town
1897 - The Great Fire of Windsor, Nova Scotia Canada, destroyed 80% of the town
1898 - Great Fire of New Westminster, British Columbia
1898 - Great fire of Park City, Utah
1906 – Great SF Fire and Earthquake
1914 – Great Salem Fire, MA – 1376 bldgs
1918 - Cloquet, Duluth, and Moose Lake Fires

Big list right? You would expect like hundreds, thousands and even hundreds of thousands may have perished in those events right? Guess again, lets take a closer look at a few…

1842 – Hamburg Fire - 51 perished. 1/4 of the inner city destroyed, and an estimated 20,000 homeless

1845 - Pittsburgh Fire - 2 perished. The fire destroyed as many as 1200 buildings.

1871 - Chicago Fire - 120 perished. Destroyed were 17,500 buildings more than 73 miles (117 km) of roads, 120 miles (190 km) of sidewalk.

1872 - Boston Fire - 76 perished. Destroyed 776 buildings.

1889 - Seattle Fire - 0 perished. Up to 64 city blocks destroyed in the Fire.

1889 - Great Bakersfield Fire - 1 perished. Destroyed 196 buildings.

1901 - Jacksonville Fire - 7 perished. 146 city blocks, destroyed more than 2,368 buildings.

1916 - Paris, Texas Fire - 3 perished. 1,400 buildings destroyed

20,000 homes yet 51 people perished? 146 city blocks destroyed- more than 2,368 buildings yet 7 people perished? How many did we loose in 9-11 in just the first building?

And remember when I said, odd photos of people posing in pictures on the ruble, here are a few samples of that.

And another…

All dressed up in Sundays best on a pile of dirt.

Now lets not forget what some of this looked like before these events, like the Worlds Fairs for example…

That sht looks like its another planet doesn’t it? That was in fact a photo from 1893 of the Palace of Mechanical Arts building at the World Colombian Exposition. Later torn down.

Why I make a post like this is to again get you to think differently, about yourself and our history with the hopes that is translates over into how you look at markets and these current state of affairs that has dumb money of course acting dumb. Obviously there are some big questions about all of our history, which if we take at face value of what the experts tell us, would be leaving out a very large and possibly amazing piece of history.

If this is all brand new to you, and you didn’t even know this existed, that feeling you have right now is truly special.

Keep building

Jameson Brandon

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