Lockdowns Start!

Empire Builder,

So far the market has gone back up 6.13% if you bought the bottom, looking really strong in pre-market today. I shared a video the other day showing migrants in the streets of Italy acting like nothing is going on and its just another normal day, well today Prime Minister Conte blamed the Italian people for not taking previous lighter warnings serious and has put the country on full lockdown, just as Italy’s numbers start to surpass China’s. The nationwide lockdown is expected to last until April 3rd but could be extended till early May.

They have brought in the army to impose the lockdown…

In France similar situation exists, they have to fill out forms and present those papers to police when they are spotted outside of their home.

Here is a shot of the form…

A translation of the form posted online shows how citizens have to provide their name, date of birth, address and declare their reason for leaving quarantine.

Travel to a workplace is allowed, but only if the individual can prove they don’t have the capacity to work from home.

Other reasons include purchasing “essential necessities in authorized establishments” (how this can be proven is unknown), visiting family for “compelling reasons,” assisting vulnerable people and traveling for medical reasons. There is also an exemption for exercise as long as its done locally and not in a group. 100,000 additional police officers have been dispatched to patrol the streets and enforce.

Next up Spain, they are turning to drones to yell at people who are disobeying quarantine. Here is a clip of the police telling people walking in a park to go home…

I just want to remind everyone that what was considered an out there theory about 4-5 years ago when I was first diving into the rabbit hole is now a reality in many countries and could be a reality in the US (take the spring breakers in Florida for example, not heading the warning that has been given), keep that in mind when you sit back thinking your “team” is winning. Its a slippery slope to total lockdown for as long as they see fit in any country affected by this virus and no matter how much you may like who is running your country, remember they aren’t your friend!

Personal sovereignty has been one of the benchmarks of this community since its inception, we simply pivoted from Bitcoin and crypto being the means of doing that to YOU being the means of doing that.

So far 14 million Americans have been laid off, what you have to plan for is the disaster that happens next, after this clears its not a straight shot back up, the longer this goes on, the longer the rebound.

Now is the time to stay focused, create the plan if you haven’t already and work that plan EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Keep building!

Jameson Brandon

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